4 Signs You Should Be Your Own Boss with Roadie

Ever thought about working for yourself instead of someone else? 🙋 If you have, you’re definitely not alone. 

Surveys reveal that a staggering 90% of Americans dream of being their own boss someday. Surprisingly, the reality paints a different picture. Only 36% of the workforce have taken the plunge into independent work.

But here’s the exciting part: the freelance economy is skyrocketing, so there’s a huge demand for independent workers in the US. Plus, high-tech platforms like Roadie are making it easier to take charge of your destiny and become your own boss.

Let’s explore how Roadie empowers thousands of drivers on their path to a boss-free lifestyle.

What’s Roadie? And how can it help me be my own boss?

The Roadie driver app is a crowdsourced delivery platform that connects independent drivers, like you, with businesses (Senders) that need help with their deliveries – we call them Gigs. It’s similar to Uber or Lyft – but with stuff in your car instead of people. And unlike typical rideshare or delivery apps, using Roadie is 100% flexible to suit your needs and schedule.

For example, if you’re on the way to pick up your kids from soccer practice, the Roadie app can match you with a Gig along your route. You can make extra money by dropping off stuff where you’re already going – as much as 13 bucks per delivery, more if you have a car that can hold oversized items, like a SUV, and you also can get certifications to boost your earnings. It’s a win-win. 

With Roadie, you offer on only the Gigs you want and pass on the ones you don’t. When a Sender posts their Gig you’ll see all the details, like the size vehicle you need, distance to pickup and delivery and most importantly how much you’ll earn. You get  to decide if the Gig is right for you – before you offer.  You can offer on as many Gigs as you want, but you are never required to offer on any Gig.  And you are never assigned a Gig that you have to worry about turning down. It is completely up to you when and how much you use the Roadie app. You’re the boss, literally. 


Now that you know the basics of the Roadie driver app, let’s get into some of the pros and cons of being your own boss. 

The Pros and Cons of Independent Gig Work

Like all things in life, the road to becoming your own boss has some ups and downs.  

The Pros of Being Your Own Boss

👨‍💼You’re working for YOU, not for someone else.
According to research from the Workforce Institute, managers can have a massive impact on a worker’s mental health—even as much as a partner or spouse. If Michael Scott makes your boss look good by comparison, you get it. When you’re the boss, you don’t have to worry about micromanagers, time clocks, or coworkers.

🧠 Often, you’ll get better mental health.
For many, shedding the weight of a traditional workplace can boost happiness and mental health. 60% of employees worldwide cite their job as the biggest influence on their mental health, emphasizing a need for better balance.

🤸 You’ll experience new independence and flexibility.
This working style gives you extra flexibility to handle whatever life throws your way, whether it’s a much-needed gym break or a spontaneous self-care day. Even the trendiest full-time jobs can’t match this level of freedom.

💵 You can diversify your income.
In this economy, having multiple sources of income is crucial. Delivering Gigs can boost your bottom line and provide extra earning potential.

🏦 You’ll accelerate your earnings and paydays.
Need money yesterday? TheRoadie app provides more flexible earning options than traditional 9-5 jobs. Rather than waiting for a payday every 14 days, drivers using Roadie can opt for weekly or instant payments.

🚀You can take advantage of super-low startup costs.
For a side hustle like Roadie, you don’t need to create a perfect business plan for your delivery service right away. To start earning, you just need to  start delivering Gigs.


The Cons of #BossLife

🧮 You’ve got to figure out taxes.
Nobody likes the dreaded “T”-word. Independent contractors are responsible for calculating and paying their own taxes. However, most independent workers find that freedom and flexibility outweigh the hassle. 

📊 You have to learn how to manage variable income.
One of the most significant adjustments to being your own boss is adjusting to variable income. You’ll need to get used to budgeting and planning your finances. Roadie is a side-hustle, so add the Roadie app to your routine for extra cash, but you may want to keep your day job for stable income until your delivery business is up and running..

🤝Ultimately, you have to answer to someone.
Even though independent workers don’t have bosses (hooray!), they do have to answer to someone: their customers and clients. If they’re not happy with your delivery services, your wallet won’t be happy either.

4 Signs You’re Ready to Be Your Own Boss

Are you itching to say goodbye to timesheets forever? Here are 3 signs that it’s time to take the leap.

1) You thrive on independence.

If you value independence, being your own boss is the way to go. You’ll have complete control over your schedule and choose when and where you want to work. 

2) You want to embrace the adventure.

You’ve read the success stories, but you also know independent work will come with ups and downs. Let’s face it: trying something new can be incredibly rewarding and challenging. And it takes guts to step out of your comfort zone. This might be why 90% of Americans want to work for themselves, but only a fraction do it. 

3) You can progress at your own pace.

You’re ready to take gradual steps towards self-employment. Being your boss is a huge lifestyle change, so you can take it slow or fast—you decide. Starting small with an app like Roadie, gives you complete flexibility to discover what type of deliveries suit you best.

4) You have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Finding the type of independent work that fits your lifestyle, skills, and schedule takes time and experimentation. Whether it’s entrepreneurship or gig work, you need to be willing to try a lot of different avenues to become independent But when it comes to picking the right delivery app, it pays off to do your research; not only is Roadie more flexible, it offers certifications to increase your earning potential and extra perks.

Get Started with Roadie

Ready to get on the road with Roadie? Here’s a quick walkthrough of how the app works!

  • Qualify
    To drive with Roadie, you must be 18 years old, have a Social Security Number, a valid US driver’s license, and an insured car. 
  • Sign Up
    Fill out a quick online form to sign up to drive. 
  • Get Verified
    Submit requested information to the Roadie platform to verify your identity. 
  • Download the Roadie App
    Download the Roadie app and start making money with your car. You can choose to drive every day or every once in a while – it’s completely up to you!
  • Earn $$$
    Choose between weekly or instant payments to get your cash. Explore opportunities to earn even more with driver certifications, multi-stop deliveries, and XL deliveries.

That’s all you need to turn your vehicle into extra income. Verification is fast – drivers often sign up, get on the road, and start earning the same day.

Experience the freedom of being your own boss with Roadie. Fasten your seatbelt to lock in financial wins, flexibility, and a fun lifestyle. The open road awaits!

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