Roadie XD™: Bigger Earnings for Larger Vehicles

Drive Big, Earn Big!

RoadieXD™ is a program for drivers with large vehicles, offering efficient single-stop warehouse pickups and longer routes that equal bigger earnings.

What are RoadieXD™ Gigs?

Earn up to $200 per route with RoadieXD™!

RoadieXD™ offers one-stop warehouse pickups, advanced scheduling options, and longer routes. With competitive pay ranging from $21 to $40 per hour based on your vehicle size, you can earn like never before! 

Drivers with pickup trucks, minivans, and SUVs can offer on RoadieXD™ Gigs directly from the map, just like any other Gig. In addition to choosing Gigs from the map, drivers with cargo vans and box trucks can also schedule RoadieXD™ driving time in advance.

Get Started Today!

Driving with RoadieXD™ is simple:

  1. Complete the RoadieXD™ driver application.

  2. You’ll get a confirmation email with next steps.

  3. Once you’re approved, hit the road and start earning!


1. Scheduled Blocks

Have a cargo van or box truck? Schedule longer routes ahead of time and earn up to $40 per hour. You get predictable earnings with the flexibility of being your own boss!

  • Payouts up to $200 per route
  • Routes range from 4 – 7 hours long 
  • May require extra equipment

2. Multi-Stop Gigs

Great for drivers with SUVs, pickup trucks, or minivans who want quicker routes that don’t require extra equipment. Deliver Gigs from the warehouse on your own schedule!

  • Earn an average of $21/hr. 
  • Routes are typically 2 to 3 hours long 
  • Open the app, offer on a Gig from the map, and go!

Make the Most of Your Time on the Road

Haul more and earn big with your large vehicle! From high-volume routes to bulky deliveries, RoadieXD™ offers Gigs that let you maximize earnings with your oversized ride.

With RoadieXD™, you can earn more while keeping full control of your schedule. Get all the information you need up front to choose the deliveries that fit your life best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about RoadieXD™ vehicle requirements? Scheduling? Something else? We’ve got answers!

Where is RoadieXD™ available?

RoadieXD™ is currently available in the following metro areas:

  • Atlanta
  • NYC
  • Miami
  • Chicago
  • Dallas

Keep an eye out for future expansion into additional markets!

What kind of vehicle do I need to take RoadieXD™ Gigs?

The following vehicle types are acceptable for RoadieXD™:

For Multi-Stop Gigs:

  • Pickup truck (requires bed cover or tarp for inclement weather)
  • SUV
  • Minivan

For Scheduled Blocks:

  • Cargo van
  • Sprinter van
  • Box truck

Can I rent a vehicle to take RoadieXD™ Gigs?

Yes, you can use a rented vehicle to take RoadieXD™ Gigs. We’ve even partnered with Hertz to offer drivers an average of 20% off vehicle rentals! With your rental, you get unlimited mileage, 24-hour roadside assistance, and maintenance on long term rentals.

Available rental vehicles for RoadieXD™ eligibility:

  • Cargo Vans
  • Box Trucks
  • Heavy-Duty Pickup Trucks
    • Choose from 12’ and 16’
    • 2 or 4-wheel drive
    • Short and long beds
    • Extended and crew cab

Sign up here for the free Hertz Gold Rewards Program and the promotion will automatically be added to your account. If you have an existing account with Hertz, you can find the discount code in the Promotions tab of the Roadie app.

Do I need any extra equipment for RoadieXD™?

Multi-stop Gigs don’t require any extra equipment, however pickup truck drivers are required to have a bed cover or tarp for inclement weather. To sign up for scheduled Blocks with a cargo van or box truck, you’ll need to have a dolly and tie-down straps.

Do I still need to complete the RoadieXD™ certification process if I already have a Roadie driver account?

Yes, all drivers interested in RoadieXD™ will need to be certified.

How can I sign up for scheduled Blocks with RoadieXD™?

RoadieXD™ scheduled Blocks require you to have a cargo/sprinter van or box truck. Once you’ve been certified for RoadieXD™ with the appropriate vehicle type, you’ll receive more information about how to sign up for Blocks.

Still have questions about RoadieXD™?

Check out our full list of driver FAQs here: