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Driving Your Way to Financial Freedom: How to Make Money Driving

If you’ve ever considered being your own boss or finding ways to make money driving your car, you’re not alone. With the rising popularity of the gig economy and crowdsourced delivery platforms, more people are discovering creative ways to monetize their vehicles.  With the increased popularity of online shopping and food delivery apps, shoppers now …

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Roadie to the Rescue: Making a Difference One Delivery at a Time

Life often throws us unexpected curveballs that hinge on urgent deliveries. Whether it’s lost luggage, critical documents, or an essential package that needs to arrive just in time, these moments can transform an ordinary delivery into a lifeline. Drivers that deliver with Roadie are problem solvers, stress relievers, and sometimes, even unsung heroes in situations …

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What is Roadie?

Roadie, a UPS Company, is a crowdsourced delivery platform. Founded in 2014, Roadie works with businesses of all sizes to enable local same-day and next-day delivery in passenger vehicles across the U.S. Drivers use Roadie’s platform to earn money in a way that fits their lifestyles. That’s what we love about the gig economy — …

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This Driver from Atlanta uses Roadie to Fuel his Family-Owned Business

For Michael, a driver from Atlanta, Roadie isn’t just a convenient way to make extra money – it’s also a tool to earn extra cash that makes his family-owned business possible. A Tool For Entrepreneurial Success Roadie is more than just a side hustle for Michael, whose wife also delivers using Roadie when she’s not …

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