Instant Pay: How to Get Paid Same Day

Delivery driver apps are all about getting paid – how you want and when you want. That kind of control and flexibility is one of the main benefits of being your own boss, right? If you want to get paid same day, Roadie offers Instant Pay for eligible drivers. 

Here’s How Instant Pay Works: 

Roadie’s Instant Pay option lets drivers cash out instantly. 

To qualify for Instant Pay, you must have completed your first Gig more than 7 days ago, and delivered a total of at least 5 Gigs since you first signed up with Roadie.

Once you’re eligible, you’ll see a message in the menu of the Roadie app. Tap on the message to add a valid debit card to the Bank Info in your Driver Profile.

For security reasons, when you add a debit card, there’s a 1-day waiting period before you’ll have access to Instant Pay. After that period, you can tap the “Cash Out Now” button in Gig History to receive your payment immediately. A $1.99 processing fee will be deducted from your balance, and you’ll receive your payment within minutes (depending on your bank). If you don’t use Instant Pay, your earnings for those Gigs will be deposited weekly on Tuesday.

Weekly deposits may take a few days to appear in your account depending on your bank. If you want payment sooner, be sure to use Instant Pay by midnight on Monday.

Instant payouts at a glance:

  • Available for drivers with 5+ deliveries over 7+ days
  • Add valid debit card in Bank Info section to enable Instant Pay 
  • 1 day waiting period for security 
  • Tap “Cash Out Now” in Gig History to instantly access driver earnings  
  • $1.99 processing fee deducted 
  • Payment in minutes quickly puts cash from driving Gigs in your hands 
  • If you don’t use Instant Pay earnings for Gigs are automatically paid on Tuesday 

We know getting paid fast is important to drivers like you. With the ease and convenience of Roadie’s Instant Pay, you can get paid same day and be on your way! 

Ready to start earning money your way as a driver? It takes just minutes to sign up with Roadie and start delivering like a boss! 

Visit our driver help center to watch our “Two Ways to Get Paid” video for other tips and tricks for drivers in the Roadie network.