Driving your first Gig with Roadie | Make money driving

Welcome to your first step on an exciting journey! As you gear up for your first Gig, you’re probably curious about what lies ahead. We’re here to set clear expectations and help make sure you’re fully prepared to navigate this new experience with confidence and ease.

Take a moment to watch the following video that provides a comprehensive overview of what you can expect on your first Gig. Let’s hit the road together!

What will I be delivering?

From lemons to lawnmowers, Roadie drivers deliver just about everything! You’ll be provided with all the details about a Gig before you submit an offer, so you can choose the Gigs that work best for you.

What’s expected of me as a driver?

Once you’re matched with a Gig, you’re expected to complete it within the specified pick-up and delivery times, and maintain friendly communication with the sender and recipient as needed throughout. All verified drivers must maintain a minimum 4-star rating in the Roadie network, based on feedback from senders on every Gig.

How do I get matched to a Gig?

After you’ve completed signup, head over to the map to find a Gig that interests you. Each pin represents a pickup location. Tap on a pin to see Gigs from that spot, then tap again to learn more. There, you’ll find important information like item dimensions, pickup and drop-off instructions, and total distance, so you can be sure you aren’t signing up for more cargo than you or your vehicle can handle. Most importantly, you’ll also see what a Gig pays before you decide to offer on it.

If it all looks good, tap “Submit” to let us know you’re interested and available. We’ll let you know within 15 minutes if you’ve been matched.

How do I deliver a Gig?

Once we notify you that the Gig is yours, tap the notification to open the app. Hit “Start” to begin the Gig. We’ll let you know the pickup address and will share contact information for your point of contact at pickup, as well as any other special notes you should know before you arrive.

Use the app to mark you’ve arrived and make sure you follow any instructions at pickup. Then you’re ready to head to drop-off!

Once you’re there, use the app to mark you’ve arrived at the delivery location and read the delivery notes to see if there are any special instructions for delivery. Be sure to take a photo and mark where you’ve left the items. Some Gigs may require a signature, too.

If you run into any issues on a Gig, help is just a tap away. Within the app, you can cancel a Gig, create returns and get in touch with Support.

How does payment work?

You should see the payment for your delivery in your Driver Dashboard. We offer free weekly deposits every Tuesday, or you can choose to sign up for Instant Pay to cash out immediately for a fee. 

What if I have questions about driving for Roadie?

If you have any questions about payment, Gig matching, or anything else, feel free to check out our Support Center – it’s full of helpful information.

We’re excited you’ve decided to give Roadie a try. See you on the road!