Know Before You Go

At Roadie, the driver community is at the center of everything we do. From the product experience and new driver onboarding to providing real-time support to drivers on the road, our team is working hard to ensure your success on our platform.

These resources are designed to get you started and maximize your earnings over time.


What Drivers Want to Know

Ready to hit the road with Roadie? Check out our FAQs for information on everything from pay rates to Roadie vehicle requirements and more.

How and when does Roadie pay?

Roadie offers weekly payouts via direct deposit, processed every Tuesday. You’re automatically signed up for weekly payouts unless you opt-in to get paid sooner via Instant Pay. Learn More About Payments →

How does Instant Pay work?

To qualify for Instant Pay, you must have delivered at least 5 Gigs and been an active driver for more than 7 days. Keep in mind that canceled Gigs do not count towards this goal, and batches count as a single Gig. Get Paid Your Way →

What are driver certifications and how do I get one?

Some types of deliveries require you to have a certification before you can be matched to them. Different certifications require specific types of vehicle or equipment, while others just require a little extra knowledge. More About Certifications →

Can I complete multiple deliveries at the same time?

Yes! Roadie is one of the best delivery apps for drivers because you can choose to drive multiple deliveries at the same time. Before offering to handle multiple Gigs at the same time, be 100% sure that everything will fit in your vehicle and that you’ll be able to meet each delivery deadline. More About Gigs →

Does Roadie offer any form of insurance?

We know how hard it can be to find and enroll in the right health, dental, vision & life insurance, which is why we’ve partnered with Stride, a company that helps drivers save time and money getting these important coverages. Learn About Insurance →

Where is Roadie available?

All 50 states! No matter if you’re in a sprawling city or a small town, you can drive with Roadie locally or nationwide. You can even drive with Roadie when you travel!

Maximize Your Pay Potential

Extra Equipped

Drivers with extra equipment like a dolly, liftgate, or straps can earn more by delivering heavy, oversized items. Start Driving →

Eco-friendly Vehicles

Already drive an electric or hybrid vehicle? Plug into higher earning potential while doing your part for the planet! Start Driving →

TSA Certified

With a Roadie TSA certification, you’ll be eligible for Gigs being delivered to airport cargo facilities. Start Driving →

Scheduled Blocks

Verified drivers will have the option to use Roadie’s scheduler to sign up for available Blocks. Instead of submitting offers, you’ll automatically be assigned Gigs in-app generating a custom, optimized route.


Low-cost Health Insurance for Independent Drivers

Did you know 4 in 5 people can get health insurance for less than $10 a month?

We’ve partnered with Stride to help you find those affordable options. With Stride you will search the marketplace, find a plan, identify saving opportunities, and apply for coverage right from your phone. 


Why This Professional Basketball Player Became a Driver with Roadie

Every minute spent on a court means one less moment with his children. That’s why Amu chooses Roadie — it gives him the opportunity to hang out with his kids. And nothing beats that.

The Value of Driving and Delivering with Roadie

When you choose to drive with Roadie, you’ll get more benefits than just earning cash. Roadie offers certs with exclusive access to Gigs, health benefits through Stride, and more.

Holiday surge Gig pricing for extra $$$
Get special certifications to increase earnings
Choose your Gigs; when, where, and how many
Get paid same-day with instant cashout