Driving Gigs for Large Vehicles: How to Make More Money With a Truck, Van, or Large SUV

With the gig economy booming, your larger vehicle is good for way more than weekend projects and friends who need help moving; it might also be a tool for increasing your earning potential. Trucks, vans, and large SUVs are in high demand for a range of driving gigs. From delivering large furniture to hauling loads of smaller items, there’s potential to monetize your larger vehicle in new ways. Let’s explore how your large vehicle can drive you to higher earnings and more financial freedom. 

Why Large Vehicles Get More Driving Gigs

For drivers with a truck, van, or large SUV, Roadie opens up opportunities that just aren’t available to smaller vehicle owners. Your capacity to transport oversized, heavy, and bulky items sets you apart – and it also positions you for higher-paying driving gigs. 

Whether it’s delivering electronics or easy-bake ovens, your super-sized vehicle lets you tap into a niche market where your services are now more in-demand than ever. 

Finding Your Niche in Large Deliveries

XL and Huge Gigs

With a little imagination, you can see how using your truck for higher-earning driving gigs (instead of just the occasional home improvement project) could pay off for you. These days, many big box retailers and even local businesses offer their customers a same-day delivery option – even for bulky items.

For example, Tractor Supply Co. customers can order a lawn mower online and select “same day delivery”. Someone needs to get that mower from the store to the customer’s door, right? If you use Roadie, these kinds of specialty deliveries can make your larger vehicle work for you, turning every extra foot of space into greater potential earnings. 

Multi-Stop Gigs

Leveraging your van or large SUV for multi-stop gigs can also boost your income. These Gigs often involve making several deliveries in one trip, maximizing your time on the road, and earning potential. With some smart planning, it’s a perfect strategy for drivers who want to increase their income.

With Roadie, it’s up to you whether you offer on a single Gig, a multi-stop Gig, or multiple different Gigs at the same time. A larger vehicle is a huge advantage for multi-stop driving gigs because your extra capacity means extra earnings. Before offering to handle multiple Gigs at the same time, be 100% sure that everything will fit in your vehicle, that you’ll be able to meet ALL delivery deadlines, and that you’re able to handle the sender’s pick-up and drop-off requirements for each Gig.


RoadieXD™ (cross-dock) is another type of multi-stop Gig offered to drivers in select locations. RoadieXD™ Gigs contain large, bulky items and/or large quantities of single packages, making them a great opportunity for drivers with large vehicles. RoadieXD™ Gigs are picked up from a warehouse rather than from a retail store, streamlining delivery operations and getting goods to their destinations faster. With competitive pay ranging from $21 to $40 per hour based on your vehicle size, you can earn like never before! 

Kickstarting Your Gig Driving Journey

Signing up to use Roadie is easy. With a simple online process, you can start making money the same day you apply. Make sure you have the necessary documents, like your driver’s license, SSN, and proof of insurance, and you could be ready to hit the road.

With the right vehicle and a little strategizing, using your larger vehicle for driving Roadie Gigs can significantly increase your earning potential. Large vehicles are a ticket to the kinds of specialized, higher-paying Gigs that simply aren’t available to smaller car owners. 

If you’re ready to start making money with your truck, van, or large SUV, there’s no better time than right now. Turn your large vehicle into an income-generating tool and start your driving gig journey today!