The Rise of Delivery Driver Apps: How to Maximize Your Earnings As A Driver

Roadie wants to help gig drivers make the most of their earning potential! Let’s explore the booming delivery industry and how delivery driver apps can mean big opportunities for gig drivers. 

One of the lasting effects of the pandemic is a dramatic shift in consumer expectations for delivery speed. In the not-so-distant past, it was normal to wait a week or more for online orders. Now, two- to three-day delivery is seen as the baseline by over 90% of people. People expect same-day delivery on just about any purchase, and companies have had to adjust. Delivery times that were once acceptable are now seen as deal-breakers by today’s “I want it now!” shoppers.

This shift in customer expectations creates enormous opportunities for delivery drivers. With the financial uncertainty created by the pandemic, along with layoffs across many industries, more and more people are seeking flexible gig work and alternative sources of income. In fact, the gig economy grew by 33% in 2020, 8.25x faster than the US economy as a whole. And it’s easy to see why. The gig economy gives workers true flexibility and control over when and how they work, and for many people, that’s more appealing than a 9-5 job. 

If you’re considering making money with your car as a self-employed delivery driver, you’re in luck. Let’s look at what the rise of delivery driver apps could mean for you – and your wallet. 


Skyrocketing Demand Driving for Delivery Apps

As consumer demand for instant gratification grows, the need for drivers on delivery driver apps shows no signs of slowing down. According to Business Wire Insights, the global food delivery app industry is projected to reach a staggering $8.4 billion by 2027

And that’s just food delivery apps. If you’d rather not cart food around, you have options. 

Crowdsourced delivery driver apps like Roadie’s focus on moving things – not people or food. The Roadie platform connects independent local drivers using the driver app with requests from small and large businesses, allowing them to offer same-day delivery options to their customers for retail items, documents, tools, and even luggage left behind at the airport. As more and more Americans outsource errands, opportunities for drivers using delivery driver apps are accelerating. 


Choose the Best Delivery Driver Apps for You

One of the primary drivers (that’s a pun!) of using delivery driver apps is the freedom to choose when and where you work. When selecting the best delivery driver apps to use, consider factors like pay rates, transparency, flexibility and pay frequency. That way you can decide if you want to drive during peak hours or if you’d rather take advantage of less traffic and fewer drivers competing for gigs in non-peak hours.

Online driver discussion forums can also  help you narrow down your options. One word of caution: take any information from online forums with a grain of salt. 


Strategize to Maximize Your Driver Earnings 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose just one app. It’s about freedom and flexibility, right? According to The Rideshare Guy, many drivers do what’s called “multi-apping”: using multiple apps at the same time to maximize earnings. For example, savvy drivers could drop off a retail order on their wait to pick up a food delivery, or the other way around. Another option is delivering multiple Roadie Gigs at the same time.

As a driver looking to make more money, the size of your vehicle matters. Delivery driver apps like Roadie allow you to deliver big and bulky items that require a larger vehicle. These deliveries pay more, so if you’ve got a big truck or van, it could mean accessing more opportunities and higher earnings.


How to Get Started Driving for Extra Income and Flexibility

Each delivery app has its own requirements and qualifications, so be sure to check the requirements to sign up for various apps. 

The online sign-up process to start using Roadie takes just minutes and if you’re 18 or older with a valid license and own a smartphone, you could start to make money driving the same day. Pro tip: Once you’re approved for any app, make sure to enable notifications so you’ll be alerted to new opportunities before they go to someone else! 

Whether you want to supplement earnings to fund a family-owned business or you’re looking to become self-employed as a driver, delivery driver apps empower you to take control of your income on your own terms. With the demand for same-day delivery showing no signs of slowing down, there are great options to find the right delivery driver apps, make your own hours, provide great service, and enjoy a profitable side hustle!

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