This Driver from Atlanta uses Roadie to Fuel his Family-Owned Business

For Michael, a driver from Atlanta, Roadie isn’t just a convenient way to make extra money – it’s also a tool to earn extra cash that makes his family-owned business possible.

A Tool For Entrepreneurial Success

Roadie is more than just a side hustle for Michael, whose wife also delivers using Roadie when she’s not busy in the classroom with her students. It’s become an integral part of the couple’s entrepreneurial journey, supporting their family business: an event childcare service. “The business is mainly her idea. I’m just doing the admin side. I’m super organized so I can handle all of that, and I love doing it, so it works out,” Michael explains.

Their unique service allows parents to enjoy events like weddings while their children are entertained in a separate room. “We entertain the kids for that time,” Michael explains. The flexible nature of Roadie Gigs allows him the freedom to grow this business without the constraints of a rigid part-time job schedule.

Moreover, the family-oriented nature of their business extends beyond just Michael and his wife. They have plans to bring their teenage daughter into the fold as well. “The goal is to have her work for us in the business,” says Michael, highlighting the long-term, generational vision they have for their entrepreneurial endeavor.

Why Roadie Stands Out

With Roadie, Michael has the flexibility he needs to balance his work and personal commitments. “You just open the app and look and see what’s available at any time,” he remarks. “I don’t have to take on a part-time job… it’s really convenient.”

“All the detail that they give is great,” he shares while lauding Roadie’s platform. “I think it’s top-notch, probably one of the best [delivery apps] that I deal with. And it’s super simple.” He appreciates the straightforward nature of the app and its ease of use. These features have made Roadie his go-to choice among delivery apps – “actually, this is the one I use the most now.”

Alongside his entrepreneurial endeavors and Roadie Gigs, Michael holds a full-time role at a local brewery. His job grants him the flexibility to choose when he works, allowing him to seamlessly integrate his Roadie Gigs into his schedule. “If I have the time or if I’m off that day, I’ll pick up a Roadie Gig. Sometimes I also do them before and after [work],” he adds.

Michael also sees the value in diversifying his sources of income. He enjoys having the option to drive with Roadie in addition to his full-time job: “It’s just to make sure I have options, you know what I mean? Not to have all of my eggs in one basket.”

It’s More Than the Money

But it’s not just about convenience and money for Michael – he also finds fulfillment in the service he provides as a Roadie driver. “It makes me feel helpful as well, because I feel like I’m serving someone and helping someone out. Because everyone can’t get to the store or have the space that I have to deliver something big.”

Balancing a full-time job, a family business, and Roadie Gigs might seem like a juggling act. Still, for Michael, the compatibility of these roles enables him to optimize his time, diversify his income, and contribute to his community in meaningful ways. It’s a testament to the adaptability and convenience that Roadie offers to the drivers using its platform.