Driving Your Way to Financial Freedom: How to Make Money Driving

If you’ve ever considered being your own boss or finding ways to make money driving your car, you’re not alone. With the rising popularity of the gig economy and crowdsourced delivery platforms, more people are discovering creative ways to monetize their vehicles. 

With the increased popularity of online shopping and food delivery apps, shoppers now expect the convenience of home delivery for all kinds of things. Since most driving gigs require no special training, drivers are still one of the most in-demand segments of the gig economy. 

Whether you’re looking to leave the 9-to-5 world behind or just earn some extra spending cash, using your car to make deliveries can be a flexible and rewarding side hustle – and you get to be your own boss! The key is finding the right opportunities that work for your lifestyle.


Take Control as a Driver by Making Your Own Hours

One of the most common gigs for drivers is delivering food for delivery apps like UberEats, DoorDash, or GrubHub. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people fully embraced the convenience of having food delivered right to their doors. And the popularity of app-based food delivery shows no signs of slowing down, with 22% annual growth predicted in 2024. 

As a food delivery driver, you can choose the most profitable delivery opportunities based on your schedule and earnings goals. Apps typically provide drivers with insights into expected demand across different times and days of the week. With demand for food delivery generally higher on weekends or on weeknights during dinner hours, they’re great times to drive if you have availability. Then you can jam out to your favorite playlist in between restaurant food pickups and customer drop-offs. 


Deliver Goods Using A Flexible On-Demand Platform

Beyond food, crowdsourced delivery platforms like Roadie enable drivers to transport everything from small items like phone chargers to large appliances like dishwashers using their personal vehicles. Roadie connects drivers like you with businesses that need convenient last-mile transport solutions – a fancy way of saying they need help with their deliveries.

Let’s say you’re running errands around town. the Roadie app can match you with deliveries on your route, providing an easy way for you to make money with your car. Simply browse available same-day gigs in your area, and claim the ones that match your vehicle capacity, proximity and income goals. You can start earning cash moving items across town securely and delivering them to waiting customers on your schedule. 

As a driver with Roadie, you get completely transparent trip details like item weight, customer ratings, estimated mileage, upfront earnings and more, so you can choose which deliveries make sense for your objectives. If you have a larger vehicle or special driver certifications, there’s even more opportunity. Roadie bends to your schedule rather than dictating it, allowing you to maintain complete control over when and where you deliver. 

With the continued growth of e-commerce, shoppers order building supplies, bikes and bouquets online – and many expect same-day delivery. Somebody needs to get those items to their doorstep, so now is a great time to drive with Roadie


Drive Passengers Through Rideshare Platforms

Another way to leverage your vehicle for income is driving passengers through a rideshare app like Uber or Lyft. As the market for on-demand rides continues rising, signing up as a driver allows you to meet transportation needs in your community while earning cash.  

Rideshare apps connect local drivers with riders who need to get across town or further. Browse real-time requests in your area and accept rides that make financial sense based on factors like estimated time, direction and destination. Fulfill ride requests on your own schedule while you drive familiar streets or explore new neighborhoods. 


Make Money Driving – Getting Started

  • Review delivery and rideshare apps – compare pay structures, fees, policies
  • Sign up for multiple apps that seem like a good fit – Roadie is one of the best delivery apps to make money!
  • Get approved 
  • Browse and accept profitable opportunities
  • Provide excellent service for great customer reviews 
  • Get paid (Roadie offers an option for Instant Pay, for eligible drivers!) 


Benefits of Driving for Income

Using platforms that allow you to earn money behind the wheel offers a number of benefits. First and foremost is the ability to be your own boss. You get control over your schedule and the flexibility to make your own hours around your other obligations, whether early mornings and days or late nights and weekends. 

You can also handpick when and where you drive according to what makes sense for your financial goals and energy levels – no two weeks ever have to look the same. As you drive to make deliveries, you can explore different areas of your city with the added bonus of listening to your favorite playlists, podcasts or perfect silence. And if you’re a sociable type, driving gigs gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with interesting people while providing a valuable service and earning cash.

With Americans collectively spending billions of hours behind the wheel every year, transforming your drive time into an income stream makes a lot of sense. If you think delivering items around town sounds like a flexible way to hit the road, consider signing up to drive with Roadie and start earning while you drive on a schedule tailor-made for you, by you.