More People Are Turning to Gig Work Apps to Combat the Rising Cost of Living

You don’t need a degree in economics to know life is expensive these days. Housing, food, healthcare, transportation – it feels like everything just costs more. Although some reports show inflation cooling off, we probably shouldn’t expect things to return to pre-pandemic levels any time soon. 

A paper published by the University of Chicago in May 2023 found that the number of people reporting income from platform-based gig work has grown from around one million to nearly five million workers in recent years. This shows just how many people are turning to gig work apps in these uncertain times. 

But it’s not all about making ends meet. For many people, the flexibility to earn on your own schedule, along with quick, competitive pay is a great alternative to getting a second job, leaning on friends and family or tapping into savings to meet financial goals. Let’s look at some of the ways gig work apps can help you beat the rising cost of living. 


Gig Work Apps: A Flexible Solution   

With inflation rising over the last few years, along with uncertainty in the job market, it’s no surprise that more and more workers are turning to gig work apps to supplement their incomes. 

A recent survey of 1,000 gig workers and independent contractors across industries found that over 80% of those surveyed have recently increased or plan to increase their gig work and – no surprise – the majority named inflation as the primary reason they’re seeking more work.  

The study also found that the majority of gig workers said higher pay, scheduling flexibility, and faster payouts were their top incentives for using gig work apps. If you need to get paid fast, the traditional two-week pay cycle just doesn’t cut it. 

Another advantage of earning income using gig work apps? No boss. We’ve all had a nightmare boss (or two) but working for yourself means…working for yourself! Gig work gives you the flexibility to handle whatever comes up in your day. So staying home with sick kids, taking a gym break or even just a long lunch doesn’t require permission or PTO.  

Statista researchers estimate independent workers will make up more than half of the total US workforce by 2027. More and more of us are seeking the flexibility, competitive earnings and convenience of setting our own schedules and turning to work outside the confines of a traditional 9-5. 


Exploring Gig Work Apps 

If you’re thinking about breaking into the gig economy, it’s a good idea to start with your skill set, interests and preferences. We’re all familiar with food delivery and rideshare apps. If driving people or food around isn’t for you, consider delivery using gig work apps like Roadie. 

Do you have a broad range of skills and the desire to do something different every day? Gig work is a great choice for you. In addition to delivery, there are tutoring apps, apps for creative work, short term rental and hosting apps, task and odd jobs apps and more. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s probably an app for that. 


Maximizing Earnings with Gig Work Apps

With some strategizing, you can make the most of the flexibility, freedom and earning potential of gig work apps. For example, many drivers do what’s called “multi-apping”: using multiple apps at the same time to maximize earnings. Savvy drivers could drop off a retail order on their wait to pick up a food delivery or deliver multiple Roadie Gigs at the same time

Attention to detail and great customer service can make you more successful doing practically any kind of gig work. And it might increase earning opportunities. 


Gig Work Apps Are Here to Stay  

The gig economy isn’t going anywhere; it’s not a passing fad. Recent research shows that fewer than one in ten people who earned at least 60% of their earnings doing gig work expressed a desire to ditch gig work for a “steady” job. 

Gig work apps empower workers to take control of their schedules and their earnings without depending on a traditional employment model. Whether you’re a student, retiree, side hustler or just want to pick up a little extra income, you can earn on your own schedule when you deliver using Roadie. Start earning today