Getting tips just got easier. Here’s how.

Time is money. That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for senders to tip. You’ll see there are now two ways you can receive tips: as an upfront incentive when a Gig is posted, and as a reward for great service after the delivery is complete.

Tip Included

When a sender adds a tip upfront, it will be noted in the Gig Details. Senders typically use this as an incentive for going above and beyond for things like urgency and heavy lifting. Now you can see those reasons in the Gig details, along with the amount added and the original payout for the Gig.

Tip Possible

You’ll see the “Tip Possible” tag for Gigs like Walmart deliveries, when customers have the opportunity to tip after their items have been delivered. When tips are added after the fact, we’ll send you a notification with the amount that’s been added to your payout, and you’ll be able to see it itemized within Gig History in your Driver Dashboard.

We hope these new features will mean more money in your pocket. As always, we want to make sure drivers like you are getting the most value for your time on the road!